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One of our goals when we started was to teach classes on regenerative agriculture and teach people how grow food in urban city lots. This week we got to take a major step towards making that happen. We were invited out by Right Path to Miracles and Community School of Excellence (CSE) to speak to their students. We brought out our Bee Observation Hive as well as our week old Goat kids. We also brought out bee boxes and frames for the kids to assemble and paint. once some of the other classes at SCE heard that there were baby goats and Bees in the building. A few of them requested to also come in and hold the baby goats as well as see the bees.

Barbara and I are passionate about youth work and at one point really tried to make it our careers. Unfortunately, life had other plans for us. So this was very special for us. We absolutely loved seeing the students interact with the baby goats. They had so many great questions about bees and farming. One even said he wanted to farm when he grows up. We are truly blessed. We hope this is just the beginning and can lead to more similar opportunities in the future. We even talked the coordinator about potentially putting a bee box on the roof for the 2024season. Which reminds me I need to follow up with that!

As our farm grows, we are discovering more and more ways to give back to the community. Please continue to support by sharing our story and checking in with us about updates to the farm!

Thank You

Pheng Her

Author Notes

  • I really wish we would have brought our children to the presentation. Lauryn is very excited to start school. I think it she would have absolutely loved seeing the other children, the school and got a kick out of seeing her parents pretending to be teachers. BRING THE KIDS NEXT TIME.

  • MORE ACTIVITIES AND MORE ANIMALS. pack an extra boxes and frames


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